Automotive Inventory for SEO

Dynamic Inventory Built for SEO

[dropcap_circle]C[/dropcap_circle]ar dealer inventory is at the heart of any automotive SEO campaign so we take it the extra mile.

First of all there are some SEO basics that automotive inventory needs to abide to. Inventory is [tooltip content=”constantly changing from a database”url=”” ]dynamic[/tooltip] information that needs to generate [tooltip content=”Stays the same” url=”” ]static[/tooltip] HTML- text pages. The static pages that are generated need to be relevant from the top to the bottom. So the URL, SEO page title, SEO meta description, header tags, and content all need to be relevant for the keywords that you want to target. The next step to dynamic SEO is a link structure that helps the Search Engines determine the most important pages and the keywords that they represent. beyond the basics, inventory built for SEO should give the site owner the ability to add additional content in the form of text for both the search results page and the vehicle detail page. This gives the site owner the ability to make adjustments in real time to stave off competition or expand on keywords.

When it comes to inventory modules for automotive websites there are similarities in function for customers, but huge differences when it comes to automotive inventory for SEO.

Take a quick look at Google’s SEO Starter Guide documentation and you will find a blue print for dynamic SEO best practices.

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