About DealerTrend

DealerTrend, Inc. based in Reno, Nevada in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. We are a technology company providing cutting edge solutions in the automotive industry to marketing companies, developers, and car dealers.

downtown_reno_nevadaWith 15 years experience DealerTrend is positioned to be your automotive software and inventory partner. The CarDealerPress WordPress plugin is our most popular offering, giving you a plug and play solution for automotive website or microsite creation.  Although we are most know for CarDealerPress, it is our Vehicle Marketing System (VMS) and [tooltip tip=”Application Programming Interface”]API[/tooltip] that makes it possible. Starting with our VMS import algorithm which has been built to receive and monitor feeds from over 100 different providers in the industry. This allows you to focus on digital marketing while we take care of mapping and scrubbing of inventory.

Once inventory data is in our VMS  tool users can add or edit vehicles; complimenting them with photos, descriptions, headlines, videos, prices and much more. After vehicles have been marketed for their online journey DealerTrend offers a few endpoint solutions:

We have always believed in innovation and teamwork, and value the relationships that we have created with our partners over the years.