The best of both worlds... WordPress plugin and experienced automotive inventory support

Even before our work with WordPress, we saw a need for dealerships to have quality digital marketing professionals that they can trust close to home. In other words, a professional local digital marketing company or person that can meet with the dealer on a consistent basis, not just sell them a product and disappear.

Starting in late 2006 as an experiment for micro-sites, our work with WordPress has evolved into a powerful plug and play solution for the automotive industry. As you can see in the timeline below DealerTrend has released 4 versions of our WordPress plugin. With each update we have taken what we've learned from previous experience and client feedback to offer a solution that is easy to use, powerful, and extendable.

The timeline below shows our progression (roughly) 🙂 with WordPress all the way to our current CarDealerPress plugin.

The History of CarDealerPress


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