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Market with tags and CarDealerPress

Tags are a great way to filter content, and when implemented correctly on a website can be a great tool for marketing. We know that as car buying consumers get closer to a decision, specific features become more important. Whether a vehicle has a backup camera or heated seats may be the final piece to…

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Stock Number – Quick Jump Search

In talking to users, one of the most requested features has been less clicks when performing repeated tasks. So in other words, if you are adding photos to several vehicles at one time it was a little cumbersome to have to go back to the list page, search, and then click back into the…

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Vehicle Editor Tabs Update

Currently the inventory edit pages is one long scrolling page with a left navigation for getting to specific sections quickly. This layout has served well for a couple years now, but is limiting for future changes and updates that we have planned. For that reason we are moving the left navigation into tabs as step…

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Vehicle Marketing System Updates

At DealerTrend we are always working to make our software better. For the last several years we have been deploying updates to the Vehicle Marketing System every single week. In most cases these changes are to make things faster or more efficient and not apparent to our users. For 2016 we will be working on…

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