Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealer Websites

Of course there are several car dealer website vendors that you can choose from. The fact that you are on this site, you probably want to know if DealerTrend is the right fit for you and your dealership. We admittedly are not the right fit for all dealers, so read on to see what sets us apart.

With DealerTrend:

You Own Your Website

That’s right, we build and host your website however and wherever you want. By using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS), you literally own your website instead of just leasing it.

Since this is a completely new concept to most car dealers, we will explain a little more.

At DealerTrend we have been building websites using WordPress since 2007, in that time a lot has changed. Back in 2007 if you had created your own website it would have been a pretty painful learning experience. You would have had to figure out where to host your site so that it was secure, backed up regularly, and fast. Then you would needed someone to build it for you. Even in 2007 this would have been relatively easy to do, except for the inventory of course. Car dealer inventory for a website was an animal in itself and required a specialized company to make this happen.

Fast forward to Today and there are several hosting companies that manage very big, high traffic websites, sites that get from 10k to 1 million hits per month. They run daily backups, manage security, and ensure that your site is fast. When it comes to having someone build your website, that is easier than ever before with WordPress. At DealerTrend, we will build you a completely customized WordPress website, or if you prefer you can hire the web designer of your choice. When it comes to inventory, we have built a fully functional plugin based on our Vehicle Marketing System so you can drop your inventory right in. As mentioned above we have been building websites using WordPress since 2007 so our plugin and tool set are very mature. We have dealers around the U.S. and Canada that have built and are managing their own sites in house it is so easy.

When your site is live you will have full control to add and edit content in a system that is as easy as writing an email. No more waiting days or weeks to have a slide added to your website or a landing page for this weekend’s sale. If for whatever reason you need additional help, say for adding live chat, once again we are available to help or you can use whoever you want. So you own the site, but are never left stranded. Just like owning a car, you will experience the feeling of complete independence while knowing that there is a dependable maintenance and repair facility close at hand.

No bells and whistles

We don’t believe in magic bullet tools that will sell more cars over night. Sure we can squeeze more leads out of a site with pop ups and other software, but at what cost? Each dealer is unique and should be handled that way. Starting with your dealership culture and brand, we will build your site. Then, over time we will work with you and the vendors of your choice. together we will determine what is working and what isn’t to make your website an extension of your dealership. It is also important to understand long term relationship building online and we can help.