DealerTrend, Inc., based in Reno, Nevada is an automotive software company providing auto retailers with highly effective digital tools.

The DealerTrend difference

The DealerTrend philosophy is different than most of the industry in that we believe in building high quality software using the best technology (marketing is an after thought). We use all open source technology and push for industry standards. Our Vehicle Marketing System (VMS) speaks S.T.A.R. and is ready for the day when all other systems can speak the same language. Even though the automotive industry is stuck using ftp as a “syndication protocol” (please help us stop this) we are ready for the next phase of RESTful content-sharing through secure methods. What this means it lay terms; we have exposed the vehicle inventory data on an http(s) url. As you edit a vehicle in our system, the time stamp updates telling other providers that something has changed. This will allow data to be updated in “real-time” using less resources.

CarDealerPress & WordPress

We have even made our Vehicle Marketing System (VMS) available in an Application Programming Interface (API). A good example of how an API can be used is with Twitter. If you have ever used or seen a Twitter “client” like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, they you have seen an API at work. These companies have built their products from Twitter’s API. By creating an API DealerTrend is giving companies and dealers the ability to create innovative products without having to build a full vehicle hosting tool. In fact our WordPress plugin has been built using our own API.

With the DealerTrend API and plugin for WordPress as core products we created CarDealerPress.  CarDealerPress is a website and blog dedicated to our WordPress plugin and themes. It contains over 70 videos on general Internet marketing as well as tutorials for using WordPress. From simple tasks like how to add a page, to more complicated concepts of setting up your Google Analytics and SEO.

CarDealerPress was nominated as a finalist for the 2011 Driving Sales Executive Summit Innovation Cup.

For more information call 775-329-8882, or schedule a live demonstration here.

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