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DealerTrend, Inc. based in Reno, Nevada in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. We are a technology company providing cutting edge solutions in the automotive industry to marketing companies, developers, and car dealers...[CONTINUE]


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The best of both worlds... WordPress plugin and experienced automotive inventory support

Even before our work with WordPress, we saw a need for dealerships to have quality digital marketing professionals that they can trust close to home. In other words, a professional local digital marketing company or person that can meet with the dealer on a consistent basis, not just sell them a product and disappear... [LEARN MORE]

Learn what it takes to have digital marketing success in the automotive industry

With over 15 years of working with car dealers, we know what works. Auto-Matic-Marketing is a digital marketing training site for car dealers and marketing companies... [GO TO AUTO-MATIC-MARKETING.COM]

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We have been working with marketing companies around the US and Canada from the beginning. These relationships range from inventory partner, software partner, and even consulting. With DealerTrend on your team there is no project too big or too small.


We are a highly skilled team of software engineers and developers. If you would like to expand your portfolio to work with car dealers or would like to offer a website solution to existing car dealer clients, DealerTrend is here to help you succeed.


Ultimately we build software and marketing systems for car dealers and car buyers. With the recent major update to the CarDealerPress plugin it is now more feasible than ever for car dealer to take control of their digital presence.