Responsive Car Dealer Websites

Responsive car dealer websites

There is a lot of talk about how to handle web traffic to car dealer sites from mobile and tablet devices. Just about all the automotive web vendors are behind the curve when it comes to managing mobile users. Responsive design has been available for several years now and at DealerTrend we started with responsive sites in spring of 2011.

Benefits of responsive web design

One of the benefits of using WordPress as a CMS is the ability to add content quickly and thus keep your marketing message consistent across all media. But what about mobile? Even though a mobile WordPress site would be just as easy to update, it is still one more thing to maintain and in most cases will get missed. Responsive design is one site for all devices. That way when you add a page to your main website or add a new slide it is automatically available no matter what device your prospects are using.

Google on responsive

Google has come out in a couple of posts now with direct recommendations that your site should be single urls for content and any redirects should go to the same content. So or is no longer the way to get the most brownie points from Google.

Here are a couple blog posts straight from the horses mouth:

DealerTrend and responsive

WordPress has had responsive themes available for several years now, and you would be hard pressed to find a theme built in the last year that isn’t responsive. With our commitment to WordPress and the direct connection that we have with the WordPress community, we decided to go the responsive route late 2011 and haven’t looked back since. Here are a couple videos to help you get a better feel of what responsive is and how we utilize it with our WordPress plugin.

First, this video will give you an idea of what responsive is. It was created May 2012.

This is just a fun video we did trying to cram in as many features from our plugin as possible.

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