Increase Your POD Score with Website Syndication

Page One Defense imageSo what exactly is your POD Score?

According to Brian Pasch your POD Score or Page One Defense Score is a formula to determine how well you are defending your dealership’s name in the Search Engines (not PODs storage :-)).  Starting with PPC at the top of the page if you have competition for your name and have not initiated you own PPC campaign to defend that position the formula will deduct 15 points from your total score.

If you follow DrivingSales or any of the social sites for car dealerships you may have noticed some disagreements as to whether or not there is a positive R.O.I. and a need to worry about your POD Score.  If you read this discussion regarding POD Score on DrivingSales you will get a flavor of both sides of the argument.  While both sides of the argument have merit if you could achieve a high POD Score with little effort there is no argument at all.

Page One Defense with Website Syndication

With DealerTrend and the CarDealerPress platform we have made creating a Page One Defense simple.  DealerTrend started using WordPress over two years ago to create microsites.  We added inventory with dynamic SEO abiding to Google’s best practices.  Over time we evolved our integration with WordPress while at the same time WordPress reached a critical mass becoming the number one Content Management System (CMS) for websites and blogs in the world.  CarDealerPress is a fully functional car dealership “main” website not just a microsite and can take advantage of all of the tools that are available within the WordPress open source community. This means that you can monitor your Social Networking efforts on Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Blogger,, Digg, and many more.  You can also manage your reputation on public review sites like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, Yelp and facebook.  This centralized control makes it easier than ever for you to manage your own POD Score if you choose to do so.  Adding content to your site can be easily distributed to external sites like facebook and Twitter making your website a true syndication and management tool instead of just an online brochure.

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