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Reputation Management on Autopilot!

Easiest and Most Powerful Reputation Software
Drives Your Customers to Submit Reviews! Control Your Brand!
Automatically Post Reviews
Automatically Post 4 or 5 Star Reviews on Your Website and Social Sites!.
Customers Post Reviews
Video Actor Drives 4 or 5 Star Reviews to be Posted on Google+, Yelp & Others.
3 Star or Under Reviews Are Sent to You to deal with Not The Internet!
Here is how Reputation Automation works!


A 1/2 star or even just a .2% differential in the overall ratings could mean life or death. Bad reviews cost you real money.
A recent Harvard Business School study found that a one star rating decrease can reduce revenues by nearly 10%, so it literally pays you to stay on top of all the reviews that are posted about your business.
Online Reputation Management software makes managing your online brand Easy. It empowers you to actually control your online reviews and help keep your customers happy at the same time.

Enter your customers into your dashboard to start the custom service communication that will encourage feedback, reviews and ratings of how they felt about their experience with your company.


For better customer service the customer is asked for their opinion on how they were treated, if they would recommend you to a friend, give you a star rating and write a short review of their experience.

Intelligent good and bad review routing allows 4 or 5 star reviewers (you decide threshold) are presented with a professional actor thanking them and encouraging the customer to post those reviews to the top review sites of your choice. Those good reviews can also be automatically posted to your website and social sites.
When a customer gives you a poor review a professional actor will appear and apologize for not giving them the level of customer service your company strives to deliver. The actor will explain someone will be in touch to try and resolve the issue. Those leads are sent to you or whoever you want via e-mail and SMS text messaging. This gives you control of what reviews are posted and the opportunity to try and make it right.


Real Time Tracking to employee level puts you in touch with everything customers are saying about your company and employees. This allows you to make process adjustments and offer specific training to employees.

The search engines are watching! The more high quality reviews you have the higher they will rank the pages on your website. Online Reputation Management will continually build more high quality reviews and feed them to your website and social sites.


Improve reviews, seo and profits while controlling poor reviews. Having more and better reviews than your competitors means customers will pick you over your competition. Increased search engine positioning means you will be on top of the search engines when your potential customers are searching to buy your product or service. Having a better understanding of what your company and employees are doing right and wrong will increase customer service, systems, processes and sales.

Powerful and easy to use 5-star reputation automated building machine!
Grow your online brand, stop negative reviews, improve SEO, increase traffic and sales.